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Research the Web and books
on Captive Care of Reptiles!

By searching the Web you will find a wealth of information on Geckos in Captivity. We also collect books for each species of Reptile that we keep or plan to breed for a quick referrence.
Always research before you buy any Reptile!

Always practice selective breeding of Crested Geckos!

We produce extremely diverse bloodlines for all of our Reptiles, including Crested Geckos, since 2004. Gecko Lovers' Designer Crested Geckos have evolved from some of the top breeders in the world. Although we are NOT commercial breeders, we are proud to offer a LIMITED QUANTITY of some of the most unique and colorful Crested Geckos available for sale or trade in the United States.

Our small colony of Crested Geckos are loving pets and they make excellent future breeders, too. We do NOT practice inline breeding for our Crested Geckos which allows us to produce big, healthy Geckos with desirable structures, patterns and colors. Today, our amazing 10th Generation Fire Engine Reds and Extreme Red Harlequins are some of the most incredible Crested Geckos available in the world!

PLEASE NOTE: Although we keep various roaches, we only feed our Crested Geckos Repashy CGD mixed with Miner-All (indoors) and dusted Crickets (Repti-Cal).

Do we have a Care Sheet for Crested Geckos?
CLICK HERE for an excellent care sheet written by Mathew Parks!

Where do we purchase Crickets for our Geckos?

We buy our Crickets locally from
Jim's Cricket Ranch and we buy online from Armstrong Crickets!

Can you see more Photos of our Geckos?

YES! To see more photpgrahs, please visit us on!

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